Busy Bees Nursery School is part of a wider community, which we try to embrace where possible. We try to encourage healthy eating at the nursery, an idea which is helped by the presence of our miniature farm. The children have the opportunity to get back to nature and learn where fruit and vegetables come from, our healthiest foods! Not only does the garden provide this leaning opportunity, it also give the children a sense of pride and achievement as they take part in growing and  caring for the plants, which they will soon be able to eat.

At the heart of the Busy Bees Community is the concept of sustainable and organic farming. Our farm is the perfect space in which to teach the children this concept. Our farm also acts as a sanctuary for lots of wildlife, so we aim to educate the children in how to look after different species of plants, animals and insects. Our farm also has its own alpaca herd, who’s fleece is sheared annually, and then is spun into lovely wool to create many different products.

The Busy Bees community is wide and far spreading. Why not have a look at our other website for more information and to become part of something great.