Covid 19 Policy

COVID 19 Risk Assessment for Busy Bees Nursery School and Kid’s Club

All the measures below are subject to frequent ongoing review and changes to government scientific advice or guidance.

All staff are responsible for being proactive and making ongoing dynamic assessments of risk. All staff are responsible for following the controls within this assessment

  • Most recent updates to the risk assessment are highlighted in red


Hazard Who might be harmed Controls required Additional controls By who

Sick attendee



All users


Children and staff must NOT attend the nursery if showing any of the main symptoms of Covid-19.

Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS (


If symptoms are present a full PCR test should be undertaken and self isolation must commence until test results have been received. Continue to follow current government guidance.

All parents/carers to confirm at drop-off that their child is healthy. Otherwise admission will be denied. All users


and SG

  • Self isolation
  • rules changing increasing the risk of higher transmission rates


  • All Users
  • All users of Busy Bees will follow the latest guidance about when and how to self isolate if required
  • When to self-isolate and what to do – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS (
  • Fully vaccinated adults, and children under the age of 18 years and 6 months, will not need to self isolate if coming into contact with a person testing positive for Covid-19.
  • Contacts will be identified through NHS test and trace. NHS test and trace will inform those needing to isolate as a legal requirement.


  • All persons identified as a close contact of or living with someone testing positive for covid-19 (regardless of isolation requirements) will be required to undertake a PCR (Lab test) before returning to the nursery. (This must happen even if you or your child are asymptomatic)
Cross contamination via room exchange  

All users

Staff to avoid “cutting through” rooms – outdoor access to rooms only.  

All staff and children

Access to office by more than one person Office staff



Where the office is used by two people staff should not to sit face to face.


Desk space to be kept clean and sanitised regularly.


If more than one person is using the office – windows and doors must remain open to allow ventilation. LB



Cross-contamination of infection through sharing the phone and intercom system





All staff

Managers and admin staff to answer the phone and intercom system (if available). Phones and intercoms to be cleaned using an antibacterial wipe immediately after use.

Transfer calls through to class/office phones if necessary – no phone sharing.

All staff
Surface Contact transfer



All users of building.


Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly particularly in areas of high use such as gate latches, entry system, bell, door handles, light switches, tablets, reception area and toilets using appropriate cleaning products and methods. Checks will be carried out by room leaders to ensure that the necessary procedures are being followed. Antibacterial wipes/spray and cloths to be provided in all rooms to be used as necessary. Surfaces to be disinfected as used.



All Staff

Staff social distancing during brakes All users Lunch breaks may be taken in the Kid’s Club but staff should try to avoid face to face contact where possible.


Staff will be required to clean/sanitise their own eating area after their break.

All staff



Contact at drop off and collection


Elderly, pregnant parent, those with existing underlying health conditions/vulnerable


All adults are encouraged to sanitise hands using the pump on the gate prior to entry.

Parents will drop off/collect children from the classroom doors and will avoid entering the building where possible.


Staff may continue to wear child friendly facial masks at drop off/pick up time for their own reassurance.


All users must follow the one way system to enter and exit the premises.

 Older children are expected to enter the building without parental support, except in the case where a child is unsettled and staff member may step outside to assist a parent


All parents visitors and staff should continue to follow the one way system to enter and exit the nursery premises.


All users




Children  frequently mixing groups and changing rooms increasing the risk of    spreading the virus


Children and staff Where possible children will remain in consistent groups with consistent members of staff.







  • The mixing of bubble groups will be allowed  however, a register will be kept for contact tracing purposes. This included the mixing of primary school children.
Contamination of setting upon arrival. All users


On entry to nursery all adults are required to clean their hands with hand sanitiser.


Staff to encourage children to hang up personal belongings (where appropriate).


All staff



Personal hygiene contamination All users Staff must reduce this risk of spreading germs by keeping finger nails short and nail polish free. Acrylic nails are not to be worn at any length.

Long hair should be tied back and kept away from the face.

Jewellery must be kept to a minimum e.g. wedding rings and watches. Watchstraps materials should be washable.



Child Contact








All users


Frequent hand washing taking place. Reminding children of social distancing where possible – Tissues, hand wipes, bins, squishy soap, hand towels prominent in handwashing areas. Child-friendly posters. Small group time discussions re hygiene each session.




Staff will be provided with appropriate PPE for caring for children’s intimate needs and when attending to accidents and illness.

All Staff/children to be reminded on a regular basis to wash their hands for 20 seconds with water and soap and the importance of proper drying with disposable towels. Also to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues – Staff will supervise hand cleaning and follow Busy Bees  hand cleaning procedures displayed outside each bathroom.


Follow Catch it, Bin it, Kill it and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands. Tissues will be made available throughout the workplace.

All users










Wearing of masks All users Staff will not be required to wear face masks when working with the children.


Face coverings may be worn in enclosed and crowded spaces and where contacts are made with people staff do not normally meet.

Staff will be given to option to wear face masks on the following occasions:

  • When arriving or leaving the nursery premises.
  • When answering the door to parents and visitors
Acceptable behaviour All users Positive behaviour guidance will remain with good practice.


To reduce the risk of infection transmission “spitting” on the premises is forbidden by all adults and children. All users
Snacks/food provision Children/staff


Children must bring in clearly named water bottles to be left at nursery and sterilised daily. Water and milk will be provided in sanitised cups All users


And all visitors



All users


Deliveries to be left by entrance gate, using intercom to communicate. All appointments will be arranged via the manager. LB
Risk of infection transmission  using school transport Children and supervising adults Hand sanitiser will be available for use upon boarding and disembarking vehicles


Busy Bees will follow any further guidance provided by the local schools.






Road safety & wellbeing of children walking to/from Beck Row Primary  


Staff and Children

Children to walk together in groups with their allocated adults.



Staff to follow previous risk assessment guidelines for walking children to/from school. Staff and children
Unexpected staff shortage at late notice affecting ratios. All users If the nursery manager is unavailable – Katie Hill will co-ordinate the room cover in the morning. If unexpected illness arises outside work hours the staff member should contact the nursery manager on 07784713301 as soon as possible (out of working hours). All staff
Lone working during periods of low child numbers


Early morning staff In the morning staff will use The Bumble Bees classroom if necessary




End of sessions

Virus lurking on resources/surfaces.

All users Staff to sterilise/disinfect resources/areas as required, Following daily check sheets.  


Activities causing cross infection


All users Rachel Davies will ensure that all safety risk assessments are effective, monitored, reviewed and updated as required. Health and safety checks risk assessments have been completed


Activities will be risk assessed by room leaders on a daily basis.



all staff

The opening up of outdoor play equipment, creating higher risk of infection transmission. All users Children will wash hands after playing outside.  


All staff
Suspected COVID illness in setting



All users Staff should not attend work if they are unwell. If symptoms present at work the staff member should return home immediately, self-isolate and follow local government advice for testing for  COVID-19

Get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS (


Staff to inform management of their current situation immediately.

Staff will be encouraged to undertake twice weekly LFD tests and supply negative results to the management team


Staff should refer to updated staff sickness policy in line with government guidance)


In the case of an emergency and ambulance should be called.


All staff to update personal emergency contact information with the manager.


All Staff

Suspected COVID illness in Setting


All users Children should not attend nursery if they are unwell. If symptoms present at nursery the child must be cared for in an isolated area by staff wearing appropriate PPE. Parents must be called and child collected within 30 minutes. Staff and parents should refer to updated child sickness policy.


All staff to check child contact information/emergency contact details are up to date.





All users


In the event of accident or injury, normal policy and procedure will be followed but with extra PPE to be worn for administration of first aid. There will be trained first aiders available in each room All staff
An emergency/incident occurring on-site. All users A manager, named person in charge or safeguarding lead will be on-site and contactable at all times In the rare event that a manager is unavailable – proprietor Jean Beales is on site at all times. LB



Entitled children not receiving early years education.


All children In case of a local lockdown or nursery closure, a priority list of children able to continue attendance will be created following government guidance – priority children can include key workers, SEND and vulnerable groups.


Management will follow  the nursery’s current “outbreak management plan”.

Prepare home learning resources for children unable to attend the nursery due to staff ratios, risk assessment priorities and children/families self-shielding.

LB and GC
Difficulties arising from metal health


All users Regular supervision and well-being checks to be undertaken with staff .


Signpost staff and parents to appropriate mental health support services.

Support helpline numbers to be displayed in classes.

All staff
School Closure due to an emergency


All users Follow health and safety guidance,

Government guidance, updated policies and risk assessments

Inform the local authority

[email protected]

Follow government guidance for informing appropriate authorities.

The wider opening of the setting – increasing the risk of infection for staff, parents and children previously considered as vulnerable due to having particular characteristics Elderly, pregnant parent/carer, those with existing underlying health conditions/ vulnerable


All users will follow updated health and safety risk assessments in relation to COVID-19, including the general risk assessments covered in this document.

For example, pregnancy risk assessment, individual SEND or behaviour management



All users will follow strict control measures:

  • Minimise contact by not attending the nursery if showing the signs of COVID-19.
  • Clean hands thoroughly and more often than usual
  • Ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the “catch it, bin it, kill it approach”.
  • Follow enhanced cleaning protocols as directed in the health and safety risk assessments.
  • Minimise contact between groups where possible
  • Wear PPE where appropriate.
All users
The re-opening of the swimming pool increasing the risk of cross infection All users See separate COVID-19 swimming pool risk assessment. All staff.
The wider opening of the setting – increasing the risk of infection for all users All users In response to any infection all users must:






All users
  • Children and/or families attending the setting after travelling from restricted travel zones and countries increasing the risk of infection to all users

All users


All travellers should check current government guidance about travel to England from another country as various rules apply depending on your vaccination status




Travel to England from another country during coronavirus (COVID-19) – GOV.UK (





All users

Asymptomatic staff attending the setting increasing the risk of transmission. All users
  • All members of staff will be encouraged to undertake twice weekly Lateral flow testing.


Participating staff should reread the nursery’s Covid-19 risk assessment and continue to follow government guidance relating to Covid-19 symptoms, testing and self-isolation.

All staff will understand the rapid testing approach used by the nursery by reading the “step by step guide for covid-19 testing” which is included with test kits.

For participating staff to give written consent to join in with the testing programme and take full responsibility for the recording and reporting of their results.

Participating staff will agree to follow a positive LFD test result through with a confirmatory PCR test before returning back to work.



Latest guidance COVID-19 | Suffolk County Council



Updated –   18/11/2021