An important part of our curriculum is involving the children on our 12 acre mini farm, which we work completely organically.  Each class grows their own vegetables from seed and is responsible for watering, weeding and harvesting their own crop.

The children also enjoy our animals which include; ponies, sheep,  goats, pure breed chickens (the eggs are sold in the farm shop), rabbits, a large aviary, and a wild life pond and garden. We also have a herd of alpacas.

We will also be working with a wide range of natural dyes grown on the farm and will demonstrate the range of lovely colours which can be achieved from the garden – no chemicals!

Pepsi the PonyWe collect all the animal “poo” daily to feed to our worms in our worm beds as have our own worm farm.  When the worms are large enough, they are sold to the aquatic industry and all the casting they produce make first class compost which we use on the farm or sell locally or to golf courses – nothing is wasted!

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