Our Philosophy

At Busy Bees, we aim to make learning fun for each child, at the same time building on their self-esteem. It is vital from the earliest age, children gain confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed at their own pace. Great emphasis is placed on moral values.

We believe this is the most important time of the child’s development – certainly the most impressionable. It is at this time of his or her life when the foundations of the man or woman are laid. We genuinely care for each child as an individual.

Not only would we want our children to reach their full potential academically, but it must be every parents desire their children learn the importance of caring and sharing, of respect for their parents, the law, the environment and other people’s property, to be honest and hard-working with a fair sense of justice. What hope is there for the future of mankind if these essential values are not taught, not only in the home, but at school also?

We believe, we reap what we sow, and here at Busy Bees not only do we offer an exciting programme, we believe an important part of the curriculum is to instil within the hearts of the children these values.