Grants & Fees

Busy Bees

Opening hours                       6.45am – 6.00pm
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From 5th April 2021

School fees are as follow:-

Full Time Placement = £215.00 per week

(Monday through Friday – 06:45 to 18:00)

Full Day Private Session = £43.00 per day

(Any Day – 06:45 to 18:00)

AM Private Session = £21.50 per half day

(2yr and 3yr rooms – 06:45 to 11:30 // 4yr rooms – 06:45 to 12:00)

PM Private Session = £21.50 per half day

(2yr and 3yr rooms – 12:45 to 18:00 // 4yr rooms – 13:15 to 18:00)

Lunch Session = £6.75 per day

(Lunch session included in booked schedule only)

Please make sure if you pay Busy Bees direct via your Bank to amend your

currency amount based on the new stated fees shown above.

If you claim Grant Funded hours during Grant Funded periods your fees may vary from person to person depending on how you claim your Grant Funding against sessions booked.

Please call the office on 01638 718249 if you would like to discuss your fees in more detail.

Set available schedules including 15 hours grant funding

5 Full Days = £157.50 per week

4 Full Days = £120.32 per week

3 Full Days = £78.75 per week

These fees are at a discounted rate, including the free 15 hours of grant funding

Session times cover care from 06:45 to 18:00 each day

Registration Fee: £45.00 No charge for Grant Funded ONLY children who only access the free Grant Funded hours – whichever hours they may claim.

Hourly Nursery Rate for attending over booked hours: £8.40 per hour – additional top up fee for going over booked session times/schedules.

Beehive Care – Bus drop off/pick up = £15 per week per child when primary schools are open for our Beehive club children + before and after care at £5.40 per hour.

School holiday charges – will be the same as per the Nursery fees stated above.

Beehive fees are calculated based on the session times confirmed by the Parent/Carer prior to the start of each school term plus any additional extra care given over the confirmed session times which will be charged at the Hourly Care Rate.

Grant Information

Some 2 year olds may be eligible to use the grant. Please speak to Miss Lorna or Miss Sarah in the office for more information. For the remainder of the 2 year old children, the Little Chicks classroom runs all year round and does not operate on a termly basis. However, for every four months your child has attended Busy Bees you are eligible to receive a week’s holiday. If you wish to book holiday please ask your child’s teacher for a ‘holiday request form’ which must be handed in to your child’s teacher no later than 2 weeks prior to your holiday. Alternatively you may email your holiday request to Sarah on:

[email protected]

When the grant finishes for a particular term, you are in a full pay situation until the next term begins.

During the non-grant time, a good number of parents choose to keep to their regular schedule, as school activities remain in place throughout the whole year – with the exception of Christmas when the school is closed.

For 3 and 4 year old children only using the grant, you will receive a letter prior to a non grant period asking whether or not your child will be attending during the non grant period. 

– If your child only attends using grant and does not attend any additional sessions, you may book your child out of school for the non grant periods at no cost to yourselves – you are not required to book holiday for the duration of the non grant periods, we will just ask you to confirm whether or not your child will be attending and if so, which sessions you would like them to attend. Regular fees will apply during the non grant period.  

– If your child attends using the grant and attends additional sessions. Regular fees will be charged during the non grant periods. If you do not wish for your child to attend during the non grant period you must book this as holiday – if you have used your holiday entitlement for the year you will be charged for the sessions your child would usually attend, however we will deduct the grant from the amount payable for the non grant period. (Please refer to the information mentioned previously regarding holiday entitlement and the procedure for booking holiday).

Your child will be eligible to receive grant the term after their third birthday. Cut off dates always remain the same: 31st December for the Spring term, 31st March for the Summer term and 31st August for the Autumn /Fall term.

Session times are as follows:

Mornings: 7:00am – 12:00pm             Afternoons: 12.15pm – 5:15pm

Or you can attend 2 full days from 8:30am – 4:00pm

When using the grant, you are eligible to receive 15 hours per week.

Examples of how you can use your grant are:

– 5 hours on  3 mornings a week

– 5 hours on 3 afternoons a week

– 7 ½ hours  2 days week

Unless your child is attending for the 7 ½ hours over 2 days a week or the 5 hour sessions, you are unable to use the grant over the lunchtime period. Also you are unable to use your grant by cutting into sessions, for example:

– 9.00am  – 2.00pm

– 10.30am – 3.30pm

You are entitled to claim up to 15 hours per week using the grant or 30 hours if eligible. However if you use more than the hours you have claimed each day, you will be charged a top up fee of £5.00 per hour. Once you have registered your child you will be set up on our parent portal system, where invoices will be sent out regularly via email, please ensure you check these to ensure payments are kept up to date. If you have any queries relating to your child’s fees/account please contact Sarah Goffinet in the office between the hours of 9:30am – 12:30pm each day. Alternatively you can email Sarah on: [email protected]

When you wish to de-register your child, please ask your child’s key person for a ‘leaving notification letter’ which must be handed in no later than two weeks before your child leaves. Attached to the letter is a ‘parental exit questionnaire’. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a few minutes to fill the form in and either hand it back to your child’s key person, or place it in the suggestion box outside the main office.