Grants & Fees

Busy Bees

Opening hours                       6.45am – 6.00pm
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From Monday, 4th April 2022.

Full Time Placement = £222.00 per week (Monday through Friday – 06:45 to 18:00)

Full Day Private Session = £44.40 per day (Any Day – 06:45 to 18:00)

AM Private Session = £22.20 per half day (2yr and 3yr rooms – 06:45 to 11:30 // 4yr rooms – 06:45 to 12:00)

PM Private Session = £22.20 per half day (2yr and 3yr rooms – 12:45 to 18:00 // 4yr rooms – 13:15 to 18:00)

Lunch Session = £7.00 per day (Lunch session included in booked schedule only)

Please make sure if you pay Busy Bees direct via your Bank to amend your currency amount based on the new stated fees shown above.

If you claim Grant Funded hours during Grant Funded periods your fees may vary from person to person depending on how you claim your Grant Funding against sessions booked.
Please call the office on 01638 718249 if you would like to discuss your fees in more detail.

Set Schedules including 15 hours grant funding

5 Full Days = £164.25 per week
4 Full Days = £131.80 per week
3 Full Days = £84.00 per week

Set Schedules including 30 hours grant funding
5 Full Days = £106.75 per week

These fees are at a discounted rate, including the free 15/30 hours of grant funding
Session times cover care from 06:45 to 18:00 each day

  • Registration Fee: £45.00No charge for Grant Funded ONLY children who only access the free Grant Funded hours – whichever hours they may claim.
  • Hourly Nursery Rate for attending over booked hours: £8.80 per hour – additional top up fee for going over booked session times/schedules.
  • Beehive Care – Vehicle drop off/pick up = £15 per week per child when primary schools are open for our Beehive club children + before and after care at £5.80 per hour.
  • School holiday charges – £30.00 (06:45 to 18:00), £15.00 (AM – 06:45 to 12:00/PM 12:00 to 18:00)
    Beehive fees are calculated based on the session times confirmed by the Parent/Carer prior to the start of
    each school term plus any additional extra care given over the confirmed session times which will be charged
    at the Hourly Care Rate.