Term Dates

Grant Funding and Non Grant Funding Dates for 2024

Spring Term Dates

Grant Funding starts on Mon, 8th January – Fri, 16th February (6 weeks)
Non-Grant Period from Mon, 19th February – Fri, 23rd February (1 week)
Grant Funding will restart on Mon, 26th February – Thurs, 28th March (5 weeks)
Good Friday Bank Holiday on Fri, 29th March – Grant make up day will be Fri,
2nd Aug.
Non-Grant Period from Fri, 29th March – Fri, 12th April (2 weeks)

Summer Term Dates

Grant Funding will start on Mon, 15th April – Fri, 24th May (6 weeks)
Mon, 6th May – BANK HOLIDAY – Grant make up day Mon, 29th Jul
Non-Grant Period from Mon, 27th May – Fri, 31st May (1 week)
Grant Funding will restart on Mon, 3rd June – Fri, 19th July (7 weeks)

Summer Break

Non-Grant Period from Mon, 22nd July – Fri, 30 August (6 weeks)

Autumn Term Dates

Grant Funding will restart on Mon, 2nd Sept – Fri, 25th October (7 weeks)
Non-Grant from Mon, 28th October – Fri, 2nd November (1 week)
Grant Funding will start Mon, 4th Nov – Fri, 20th Dec (7 weeks)
Non-Grant Mon, 23rd & Tues, 24th December – we will close at 4.00pm on 24th
25th Dec 2024 – 1st Jan 2025 NURSERY CLOSED.
Re-opens Thurs, 2nd Jan 2025
Non-Grant Thurs, 2nd Jan – Fri, 3rd Jan 2025
Grant funding will restart 6th Jan 2025