Baby Birds…

This week we have been learning all about calculating, taking part in various activities to help us learn this very important skill, using all areas of the nursery and farm to help us. We have been counting the animals, singing number songs, and using calculators. Singing nursery rhymes really help the children with their mathematical understanding, as it enables them to count backwards. Its very similar to subtracting. Do you sing any songs like this at home?

There are mathematical opportunities everywhere, so the children will always have the chance to develop their understanding. When we walk around the farm and the nursery grounds we look for numbers as we go. This can be anything, from numbers on the farm clock, to counting the alpacas that we can see. We have a three pens with goats in them, so we add the goats up as we go along. What a perfect chance to practice addition!

Next week, our focus will be ‘Time and Growth’. We will look at the seeds that we have planted and discuss what they need to grow. This acts as a practical activity to explore how living things change over time. Do you have any plants that you are growing at home? Why not bring us a photo to show us how well it is doing?

I nearly forgot to mention the new additions to our nursery! We have found two birds nest in the bushes. One for blackbirds and one for collared doves. The blackbird nest is home to two lovely babies who have grown so big now! The nest of the collard dove has yet to reveal how many babies it holds. But watch this space!