Time and Growth

With Spring well underway we have noticed some lovely changes on our farm! All the animals are loosing their winter coats and the vegetables and plants are having a growth spurt. We love to see what changes the different seasons will bring to the farm and spring is one of our favorites. The children have taken full advantage of this time of year, mapping out the changes they observe and commenting on how things have changed over time. We have also discussed how we ourselves have grown and changed, looking at photographs of when we were younger and making comparisons. We have also made height charts to see how we vary by height. The birds nest around the nursery have been perfect for exploring this concept as the children have been able to see on a daily basis how animals grow and develop.

Next week is all about colours. The farm is a wonderful resource for this topic as the colours are so vibrant and varying! We cant wait to see what the children will be up to next week!photo 1 (3)