The End of the Year Round-up!

What a fun-filled term we have had! We started back in September with a few changes to the classrooms and they have gone down a treat! All classes have had a wonderful term from September to December and here are some of the lovely things we have done!

~ The Kids Club have been lucky enough to gain access to their own classroom this term, and they absolutely love it! There are some many age appropriate resources available, with plenty of activities planned daily for them. They even have a sewing club now!

~ Each class has age appropriate and development appropriate activities planned. In the younger classes, they have been using various resources to help the children with their shape recognition. Dominoes is always a fun game!

~ Where would we be without messy play?! The children love the opportunity to feel different textures and experiment with malleable materials. Shaving foam is an all time favourite as the children can see the marks that they have made, encouraging them to make more!

~ We have many resources available for the children to develop their understanding of technology. A child’s development in this area is measured against various things, from their ability to pull levers and lift flaps, to being able to complete a simple computer programme.

~ Each class has spent a lot of time outside, exploring the farm, Forest school and out new Sports Field. We have taken part in many exciting activities at Forest School including making wind catchers, taking part in stick painting and creating natural art.

We hope you have had a wonderful Autumn term at Busy Bees, and we look forward to seeing everyone in the Spring term, beginning on Monday 5th January 2015!